Ode to Chimdak 찜딹

An often overlooked culinary masterpiece from the land of the morning calm is Chimdak. Chimdak is a medley of chicken, tanmyeon *see through noodles, cabbage, cheese and dumplings. Thisnis such a basic idea yet it has no right being as tasty as it is. If you’re in Korea and about to get yet ANOTHER Samgyeopsal […]


The Smart Traveller’s guide to Fukuoka 福岡

An account of what I found nifty & very useful during my 5 day trip to Fukuoka   Once you get past the juvenile snigger of your airport bag boldly gilded with Fukuoka Aiport Terminal-Fukuoka or FAT-FUK for short, you'll be immediately relieved to realise that Fukuoka's main station, Hakata(博多) is a solid 5 minutes… Continue reading The Smart Traveller’s guide to Fukuoka 福岡