japan, 未分類

Getting a job in Japan (日本語版)

a comprehensive guide to getting a job in Japan, told in slides!

This was a presentation I did for a Japanese staffing company to a room of foreigners so I hope you will find the information useful. I will write some information with new stuff I’ve worked out to keep it transformative, enjoy and share with your friends looking for work in Japan

就職 is like the Japanese act of job hunting it is a tedious and arduous task and I’d argue questionable if its worth doing here at all but I’ll try be as informative as possible without being maliciously discouraging.
My set up at the time, graduated in Japanese and Korean, spent some time in Korea and Japan for study and parttime work so if you have any questions of either let me know in the comments.
Some advice on your CV. Make sure you have a rirekisho and a shokumukeirekisho- they’re an ass to write out, especially the shokumukeirekisho as you have to give reasons for leaving and all of your personal financial information in this slot. It’s worth downloading a template from online, try read as many examples as you can. They’re pretty standard documents and it’s hard to stand out as a foreigner as they only really care about Japanese big name schools and companies so don’t worry if you think it is a bit uniform, its just a checkbox to get in the door for companies that will consider foreigners.
Be as pencil neck as possible, although dress for the job. Some places can be very casual. Wearing a suit to a cafe interview might be a bit overkill.
I haven’t really found any better ones since to be honest. I’ve found this great site called Jobtalk. If you have a smaller company or a company with not many foreigners its hard to find out about it on glass door so its a good place to look. just type in the company name and jobtalk it should come up. There’s Hyouban from EN world but they rejected me with no good reasoning so I won’t promote it too much. Although you’ll find most places will reject you and give you no good reason, you peek into the office and see a bunch of Asian american girls and are satisfied they are filling the diversity quota which is why your white male ass wasn’t picked.
Enough said. Power to the little guy
I’d rate some over others and if you had no experience at all its a lot harder to be picked up by recruiters, you’ll have to look at companies that specialise in graduates like Kakehashi solutions.
They’re all pretty good for different reasons but CFN is really a rat race with the South East asian horde for very low paying shit jobs with good companies. The western ones pick girls and gay men, they always do. Good time to be alive.
Tell everyone everytime- if you’re learning Japanese, ask yourself why. If its to try smash ladies or dudes its not a real reason and you’ll ultimately be shit. If you’re a slimey nerd who watches cartoons way past your youth you won’t peak very well and you’ll speak a very obnoxious and self deprecating form of Japanese. Try communicate with the natives and copy them, vocab builds over time, concentrate on grammar. Kanji comes with time too so don’t obsess over it at the start. It’s really not that hard if you’re looking to read everyday Kanji- if you want to be a kanji geek then thats your prerogative but it shouldn’t hinder your proficiency. You’ll be intermediate for about 3 years, it takes a very long time to get loose and easy with the language unless you live here and work in a Japanese NOT ENGLISH TEACHING environment

Thanks for reading! Please give me a like if you learned something!

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