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Ikebukuro’s Hidden Culinary Treasures 池袋

Here is a list of my very favourite restaurants in Ikebukuro. I have worked, partied and lived in this area and have grown an affinity for the area and it’s unusually large selection of exotic foods.

Here is my list of some of Ikebukuro’s most interesting and delectable foods.

#1 聚福楼2号店 ( Jù fú lóu 2nd branch)

Chinese Lamb. Lots of places do Chinese lamb in Tokyo and throughout asia but few places do it quite like Jufulou. You can choose from one leg, or two of an entire lamb and grill it with your Korean Kochujang, chilli and Fennel seed mix seasoning. If you’re a meat fan and looking for a something of substance and subsidence I would recommend this place, tenfold.

Mongolian Style Lamb Hot Pot

Jufulou offers a wide range of other Chinese dishes made to suit Chinese tastes (so no gooey, tasteless Japanese 中華 food here!)

Check out more info here.


Indian (but actually made by Nepalis in a Japanese style) food in Japan is infamously quite poor. Giving you a close to ingredient-less curry sauce in small sachet pot meant from condiments like ketchup with a choice of microwave rice or brittle naan.

Tomboy Promotional Photo

None of this here, this varient on South Indian cooking is quite close to what you can expect back at home. Full of herbs and spices and options beyond the bland set menu. This is my favourite on the list and has my seal of food approval.

Family Nan..

Check out more info here.

3# Marhaba Pakistani Restaurant (Halal)

If you are British or a very keen connoisseur of curries, you would have been missing Handis, Jalfrazis and Karahis. This is the place where you fill that aching heart in your stomach. If you are a curry and Japan veteran I’m sure you noticed many curry houses in Japan don’t name their curry, giving you tiny trays of mildly curry like sauce. This place serves Jalfrezi, Handi, Karahi- the whole kit!

To be continued…

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