“Blue Light” Yokohama ‘s most underrated view

Yokohama Sky Garden, despite its rather bland exterior, is home to one of the best views you are ever going to have of bonny Kanagawa.

Situated in Yokohama Minato Mirai, visiting this tower is going to set an adult back 1000 yen. The standard affair, very similar to what you get in the Tokyo tower/ skytree counterparts.

Depending on what time of day you go really does dictate whether it’s worth your money on not, going just as the sun sets will allow you to take some good pics of the sun going under the mountain. That’s if of course, you can find a space amongst all the Japanese anoraks holding 2 cameras each taking up every spot of the window.

Once it gets dark the pictures get much better, Yokohama is rather industrial and bland in the daytime and does benefit from the night lights- I would definitely give it a go if you’re a fan of this kind of sightseeing, it would definitely be worth your trip, especially at night.

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