『Narita- so much more than an airport!』The Smart Traveller’s guide to Narita Town 成田町

It wouldn’t take much imagination to like the  name “Narita” with the well-known and inconveniently distant Narita international airport, situated way, way, way to the east of Tokyo, but did you know that Narita is actually a charming little town filled with delicious eateries and my favourite temple in all of Japan?


Situated not so far from the airport which steals its thunder, Tranquil and photogenic, Narita is an overlooked little gem perfect for those seeking a nice afternoon out with the walking boots and an empty wallet.

Leaving the station, you will stroll down a charming little walkway with various souvenir shops and local food stalls the pavement is riddles with various small statues with animals of the chinese zodiac the monkey speaks to me so he made it into my blog.

In the picture above you will see a further two characters The peanut man is a mascot for the highly sort after snack which is like a peanut-shaped soft wafer filled with a peanut butter flavoured cream for all you Keto dieters out there.


The other blue abomination is UnariKun- a mix of Narita’s local speciality, eel (unagi,うなぎ) and Narita (成田). Have you ever tried eel? its like a heavily, heavily salted burnt cod- I don’t see the appeal.

Once you pass down this street you will see the pagoda roofs of the very beautiful Shinshō-ji area. (成田山新勝寺)

I really struggle to understand why this one isn’t in the brochures, it is massive, and it is gorgeous, fitted with a Koifish pond and all, see below for photographic evidence.


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So for those who just arrived in Japan via Narita, or those leaving shortly, take a trip to Narita town, it is definitely worth the detour!





The day I went was the autumn fireworks festival in the Narita area so I thought I’d share that will you here!


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