Smart Traveller’s adventure Guide to Seoul city Quickie 서울

Get yourself an EGSim:

無題dThis nifty little device is a godsend for those wanting to have a fully independent social life during their stay in Korea.

Powered by Olleh,Korea’s answer to….T Mobile, this versatile beauty is the cheapest and most effective way to get in touch with your friends, new and old, all over the nation!Another great this about this sim is the fact it comes with an app, apply titled (thank you) ‘EGSIM’ and this tops up your minutes and iscreen-2nternet via your card with the same fluidity and grace as paypal!

BOOM, another great thing… many Korean apps are *KOREA EXCLUSIVE* which require a Korean number to access, this sim is the key!

Very easy to access, the collection points are Incheon airport or in the Seoul Station office. (Go down all the escalators, turn to your immediate left and its the two pissed off staring at your from 30 metres away, I just saved your 30 minutes, trust me.’ (Seoul station is the main station in Seoul- pretty much the centre of the map)

 Get the Subway App & a T-Money Card

Subway App: Very useful. On the lower-budget underground trains, they don’t always have a map in English for those who are not coming for the long-haul.
This app alsounnamed can plan your route for you, let you know how long it will take  and if you have Wi-fi(which you never will be without in the centre of Seoul), it will also alert you when there are issues with the lines.
T-Money Card: The often overlooked hero of Inter-Seoul Transport and beyond. I’m sure there is a way to buy it online but it isn’t worth it, these cards cost  ₩10000 (£6.60ish/ $10ish) from any convenience store or till at a station and that’s

it! Easy top-up computers in several languages at station gates! And yes, it is some serious discount! Really worth holding on to…


Also, at the end of your trip, if you don’t fancy keeping this groovy little souvenir, with said machine you will also be able to refund yourself  ₩500 every time your deposit your plastic rail cards as South Korea’s effort to be greener- Thats at least another 3 delicious grape fantas from the vending machine..

TAXI TRAP! Don’t get caught out!

Lastly, Please, please(!) don’t accept a ride from the friendly gentlemen at incheon airport! There are really good shuttle buses and train services from very low prices and this is the safer option. I can’t stress this enough. 2 minutes out of immigration and you will be bombarded, keep a high head and just politely but firmly refuse, you do not want to pay 120,000 won in your first our in S.Korea!

I hope these tips were of some help to you, thanks for reading my first blog post! If you enjoyed what I do please let me know if you have any questions. Also, this is my first time ever writing a blog so If you could give me any tips on format, or presentation, anything, that’d be very much appreciated!

Take a travel card and use it effectively.

It is common known fact that bankers are nasty and will attempt to squeeze you out of every penny, even when you’re in paradise.. especially when you’re in paradise.

For my British readers the site I linked you to is a list of very good travel cards and professional advise to ensuring you don’t get ripped off and save a small fortune.

On my trips I used the STA travel card which was no fuss and pretty straight forImage result for sta travelward, then I used the post office money card plus which comes with  a nifty app for money transfer and balance inquiries via mobile.

Neither are considered the 5 star choice from other sources, but I had no qualms with the Post Office one!

I do apologise if you’re not from Britain, the advise on the site is still valid!




To Be Continued…

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