Horror Experience in Ikebukuro, Tokyo: 七人ミサキ



If you go out to ikebukuro today you’ll find the new shichininmisaki horror experience at the Ikebukuro Aquarium.


The tour itself consists of an audio horror tour taking you thought all the usual fish tank areas with newly added ghouls and ghosts Al Carte. The audio is all in Japanese telling the story of the various monsters you see around the aquarium, the audio ques themselves come from numbered magnetic panels dotted around the expedition allowing you to keep a clear understanding of what you’re looking at without rushing the experience. Even if you don’t speak Japanese the creepy music and sound effects will allow you to enjoy the experience regardless.

Magnetic Sensor Audio player


The second half is made up of alleged actors going round in creepy costumes and candles.Its an ace day out made better by the low price of  2200 yen or 3000 yen for a couple


Tickets sold here and collected at any 7/11 Store.


Overall very well done spooky tour- good time if you’re in the area!

Tour closes on the 4th of November so check it out before tickets run out!


7 Misakis hoho- spooky


Another horror tour going on at the moment- looks fun






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